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  • 80mm f/6.9 William Optics ZenithStar Fluorite Doublet Apochromatic Refractor
  • 6" f/8 Discovery Reflector
  • 9.25" f/10 Orion Schmidt-Cassegrain with XLT coatings
  • 17.5" f/5 TD Discovery Reflector
  • Losmandy GM-8 Mount with Dual Axis Drive
  • Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D
  • Toucam 840k webcam
    Eyepieces and other glass
  • 24mm Televue Panoptic
  • 9mm Televue Nagler T6
  • 6mm Televue Radian
  • 12.5mm Celestron Astrometric Reticle
  • Celestron 6.3 Focal Reducer
  • Scoptronix Eyepiece Extension SLR Camera Adaptar with 2x Barlow
  • TeleVue 2x Powermate
  • TeleVue 5x Powermate
  • TeleVue Camera Adaptar prime focus
  • Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L USM Lens
  • Canon 18-55mm Lens